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America’s Bubble Economy - Profit When it Pops
Chosen by Kiplinger’s as one of the 30 Best Business Books of 2007
Paul Farrel, Senior Columnist at Dow Jones Market Watch said on February 12, 2008,
"In short, America'c Bubble Economy's prediction, though ignored, was accurate".

Welcome to the America's Bubble Economy website. What is America’s Bubble Economy? It’s an unusual set of simultaneous, linked financial bubbles that helped create the prosperity of the last 25 years and is now keeping our economy afloat. Reasonable people needn’t be blinded by wishful thinking nor consumed by doom and gloom. Smart, reasonable people can come to their own reasonable conclusions and prepare now to be among the wise few who will capitalize on what others initially miss. Here at the America's Bubble Economy website you can write your own book review, discuss the book with others, follow a blog written by the authors.

Feb 19th, 2008  Alert: 
Tipping Point for Shorting Stocks, Buying Puts Reached
       We now feel that is safe to try the shorting/put waters.  Although there will be volaitility and attempts to bring the market up, it is basically not going to go above 13,000 and stay there for any length of time.  As always, focus on the most vulnerable sectors, such as homebulding and mortgage lenders, and we always recommend longer term plays such as late calendar date puts or, even better, LEAPS, if available.  More to come soon 

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Eric Janszen’s Cover Story in Harper’s Magazine “The Next Bubble”

Co-author Eric Janszen recently wrote the cover story for Harper’s magazine.  Click here to read the article.

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Money Matters host Gary Goldberg interview on America's Bubble Economy

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